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Stay tuned for

the next offering of:

 Cultivating Exquisite

Self-Care Workshop

Next Offering: Sunday 4/21/12

10am-1pm $35

Offered through Bainbridge Island Parks & Recreation

Register through Parks & Rec @ www.biparks.org or call (206)842-2306 ext 118

Activity #126021 Section 2

Create time and space to discover and grow!

*An inspiring, guilt-free exploration.

*Discover what is important to you (it might be different than what you think).

*Tools to connect, re-calibrate and renew your personal commitments to yourself.

We invite you to join us...

Presented by Personal Life Coaches:

Kristie Keller, Potential Energy Inc. &

Judy Stoffel Loewen, Singing Heart

We accept invitations to address your club or group.


Kristie Keller, President



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